Camera Protection Plans: Worth it?

So the question of our camera protection plans worth it. It's a super important question to ask if I think it's important that we answered here at Sony skins. It depends on each person in each photographer with where they're taking their camera and what tasks they're doing with their camera. If you're taking your camera to the city or to an area with a lot of concrete and buildings. It's more than likely going to get scratched or damaged. If you're not careful with it. If you live in the county or the suburbs, it will most likely not get damaged. You'll have to think of the type of photographer that you are. I know a couple stories with wedding photographers where they've had a really rambunctious wedding and the the cameras actually got in Tamil.
From guest of the wedding or from just being at a rambunctious wedding in general you could also think about potentially dealing with the different elements that you're going to be in as far as a state. So if you live in a state with a ton of snow a ton of rain, then that could be more cognizant of having potential.
Camera protection plan one of the best camera protection plans that we recommend would be lemonade. It's extremely cheap and you would be able to cover your camera for the foreseeable future.