About Us


Our Story

CAMSKNS was created out of a need to be different. We talked to many photographers who were tired of trying to stand out with their photography while having a camera that blended in. There had been zero innovation in giving your camera some personality and we imagined so much more that could be done to improve. After many prototypes, CAMSKNS was born!

All of our skins are made out of a durable vinyl designed to stand out. Each skin is cut precisely down to the millimeter to ensure perfect fit on your camera. All skins are designed, manufactured, and shipped out of Charleston, South Carolina.

Stay Shooting & Stand Out!

Who We are

Precision that sets the bar sky-high. Quality that leaves competitors in the dust. We don't just sell skins, we deliver perfection. Countless hours of meticulous craftsmanship go into measuring, cutting, and applying until your camera and lens become one with our skin. Each series is a marvel of engineering, crafted to exceed expectations and cut with laser-like precision for an impeccable fit. When you choose our skins, you're choosing the pinnacle of precision and quality.

What sets us apart

- Unique designs
- Unmatched precision
- Uncompromising quality
- Money back guarantee
- Created in Charleston, South Carolina