We are a Charleston, SC based company. We aim to help all camera users, just like ourselves! We saw the need to help protect our prized cameras, while still being able to add some awesome designs in the process!


What material is used to make the skin?

We use 3M's world class vinyl wraps to ensure protection against everyday use. There's no residue when removing the skin.

Are they easy to apply?

Absolutely! The lens skins are the easiest as they are unison on all around. The camera will take roughly 30mins or more depending on your dexterity. 

Do I need a heat gun or hair dryer?

Since our skins are cut exact fitment they lay on the designated areas perfectly so no need for that. 

What if I need to take the skin off?

Simple. Just peel it off see that your camera still looks brand new, maybe cleaner from the adhesive removing all the particulates. Because we use 3M's automotive grade vinyls, there's zero residue when removing 

What kind of protection does the skin offer?

Our skins will offer protection from daily usage such as tossing it in a bag full of equipment. The skin are rated to protect against light scratches and scuffs. While the skin does offer a layer of protection, it won't protect against heavy damages such as drops.

What makes your skins the best in the industry?

Unmatched precision. Uncompromising quality. Our skins are the absolute best in the market. Months of development are invested into measurement, cutting, and application until it fits your camera and lens perfectly. Every skin in its series is over-engineered and precisely cut for a perfect fit every time.

How fast can I receive my order?

Standard in-stock orders are normally processed and shipped out within 24-72 hours and often, within 12 hours. You'll receive shipping confirmation email with USPS tracking information. Once the package is shipped out and is scanned by USPS, your order will arrive in 3-7 business days if you’re located in the US.

Any discounts for bulk orders?

We are open to discuss larger orders for your business or clients. Please reach out to us in an email us at colin@sonyskins.com