How To Protect Your Camera From Inclement Weather

How To Protect Your Camera From Inclement Weather

Prevention is better than remediation, so to keep your camera working like new you need to take care of its protection. Some models are not afraid of rain, but they are unlikely to survive immersion in water. If you have a non-waterproof camera, in bad weather, or when shooting on the beach in high winds, you should put on special skin. For a more budgetary alternative, you can also use a transparent plastic bag secured with an elastic band, or even a shower cap.

Extremely humid or cold conditions can be a serious problem, so it is important to allow the camera to acclimate. If the camera has been exposed to high humidity for a long time, it is a good idea to take it to a service center for diagnosis.

Use an umbrella

There are umbrella holders specially designed for photographers. Umbrella provides some shelter to your camera and protects it from light rainfall and moisture. But sometimes winds are so strong and they can break the umbrella and damage your camera.

Wipe the body with a rag

One of the best ways to make sure your camera will last long and well is to clean it thoroughly from time to time, especially after going to a sandy beach or by the sea. Even if the camera is waterproof and sealed, it is best to wipe the moisture off with a soft cloth. Many of these things are a matter of course, but you shouldn't forget about it.

Don’t change the lens in the rain

Many people change the lens of their cameras in bad weather that is very dangerous. You must avoid this practice because it is the worst thing you can do with your camera. Getting the dirt on the camera is normal but there is a difference between dust and raindrops. If the lens gets wet, immediately wipe it with cotton cloth and use a hairdryer to dry it.

Use Vinyl skin

Our skins are made from 3M wrap film. It is the most trusted brand in the industry and automotive-grade vinyl material to ensure premium protection against daily use and inclement weather. The bubble-free specialty is guaranteed. It will not leave any residue on your device, making it easy to apply, reposition and remove.

Let’s Sum Up

The protection of yor camera is very necessary and the best way is to use vinyl skin. The vinyl camera skin wrap is completely waterproof and specially coated for ease of cleaning when it gets dirty. You can gently wipe with a damp cloth and the skin will return to its original appearance.  So use it and save your camera from inclement weather.

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