GoPro HERO 5 Skins

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Bring life and adventure into your gizmo gear with the selection of GoPro skins we’ve designed to fit your adventure-filled lifestyle. Designed to withstand the harshest environment, it’s your go signal created to your heart’s content.


  • For all models – Our GoPro Skins collection covers different models. Browse our store to find the one for your shooting gizmo.


  • For every character – A wide array of patterns are available to suit your character! Take your pick from modern color wash designs for the fancy to bold camo for the battle-ready.

  • Security – Protect your gear from accidental bumps and scratches with the extra layer from our skins. It’s tear- and water-resistant to help extend your camera’s survivability.

  • Easy application and removal – With 3M channeled adhesive, ensure bubble-free and easy application that won’t damage your GoPro upon removal/replacement.


  • Accessible guides – Corresponding  guides available for each GoPro model skin available on our website. We won’t leave you guessing!


Our GoPro Skins are an artful addition plus a security insurance for your valued GoPro. Order today and capture vivid moments through inspiration from behind the scenes! 

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